Course Offer - Graduate



Advanced Debate on Theory, History and Methodology of Digital Architecture

An Introductory Course on Studies of Modern Chinese Architecture-Paradigm and Themes

Architectural Design Studio: Future of Retail

Art Pottery

Case study and criticism in urban design

Challenge and Strategy - Chinese Urbanism and Urban Design Practice

Chinese Traditional Architecture

Comparative Studies on Chinese and German Architecture

Contemporary architecture and urbanism in China-discourse and practices

Frontiers of Architecture

Master Thesis’ Colloquium (Thesis Proposal and Writing Methods)

Oil-Painting Human Body

The History & Theory of Chinese Modern Urban Architecture

The relationship between the culture and the plastic arts in China

Urban Design: Emergence Evolution and New Topics

Urban Housing Forms (Modern Residential Typology)

Interpretation of the Contemporary Art Events of China (In German)

Urban Regeneration of a New Town

Highrise Heritage: the Adaptive Reuse of a 1930s Skyscraper in Shanghai

Urban Regeneration 4.0

Creative Street An urban Design experiment based on self-organization growth

Modern Urban Architecture Design Studio

Solar Decathlon China 2017 Phase III

DigitalFUTURE Shanghai 2017: Virtual Design vs. Matter Reality



Urban Planning:

Comparative Studies on Chinese and American Urban Development

The City Cultures and Spaces

Urban Mobility and transport at stake in China’s Urbanization

Urban Society_ Space and Planning

Urban Sociology

Urban Transportation

Urban Planning under the Market Economy

Urban Planning and Design
Urban Houising policy


Chinese and Western Classical Garden

Culture Heritage Conservation and Sustainability

Principle and methods of landscape ecological planning

Planning Principles and Methods of Landscape Plants

Theories of Landscape Studies

Urban public open space design studio